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CARDnet Corporation Merchant Accounts


About the Company

CARDnet Corporation, incorporated in 1988 in Nevada, is a vertically integrated provider of electronic transaction processing and value-added business services. The Company's transaction processing service routes, authorizes, captures and settles all types of non-cash payment transactions for retailers and businesses nationwide.

CARDnet services the payment processing needs of sellers by providing merchant underwriting, risk management and account services, and supporting the network and technology services necessary for both retail (in-store) and Internet point-of-sale (POS) transactions.

CARDnet provides sellers with an entire suite of integrated business applications that centralize the management of both in-store and online transaction processing and accounting, automated Website design, hosting services and catalog creation and management, merchandising and benefits management, order processing and tracking services and a host of reporting and monitoring tools.

The Company's multi-application e-payment and e-commerce systems provide a single-source solution to merchants, businesses and the sales organizations that market their products.


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