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The biggest cost of starting or maintaining a dot-com business is not the technology, not start-up money, not e-commerce real estate: it's human capital. Toward that end, CARDnet Corporation offers 24/7 network monitoring, management service to e-businesses retaining companies. We deal in acquirer, processor relationships previously developed or originate those relationships for our client, including payment application development.

Once our client is in place and a VPN connection with the customer is established, the company will monitor e-payment, electronic payments activity at the customer site remotely, watching for trouble before it happens and automating the alert process to ensure proper corrective action is taken. We have our own problem resolution center dealing with payment products, acquirer and processor, and will make sure the [problem report] escalation procedure is automated.

Initial fees and cost for these services will likely run from $350.00 per hour depending on level of consulting service required, the company said, comparing its fees to what is typical of major accounting or legal firms in New York City, Las Angeles, and Washington, DC. A customer requiring consulting work and constant support will pay more. The alternative -- staffing up internally (if such experienced staff can be hired) to watch the network around the clock -- is prohibitively expensive. We deal in a number of areas including e-business, internet e-commerce, internet merchant solutions, e-payment, electronic payments, payment products, retail payments, mobile e-services, and payment application development for specialized applications.

There are some companies already in the business of watching and monitoring third-party web site performance, but many of them come at it from the enterprise point of view. We feel customers will appreciate dealing with veterans of e-business implementation and support battles. The company has its own architecture for outsourcing the processes for handling issues. Customer companies continue to run their own internal data centers or contract with other service providers.

Payment applications and issues with payment services can be unique. Don't leave the control of these issues to others.

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